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The Catch

You will be working directly with me to make these courses. That is why you are getting a big discount. You will receive the finished courses, but more importantly you will get amazing sytems, knowledge, resources, and deals if you follow the instructions.


All deals are different, my deals are different, my experience is different, my students’ experience is different. We can’t relate what we do to the projections of any deals. It’s all up to you. All deals are different, all markets are different, there is risk in all deals. I’ll show you what the good and bad deals are and you’ll take 100% responsibility for making the deal.

With each deal yours and mine we will go over and teach you how to analyze the pros and cons of each deal . There is also market risk , currency risk and political risk for every deal .You must take 100 percent responsibility for any deal that you get involved with and never do a deal where you do not understand the rewards and risks . You must also verify all numbers of the deal and not rely on any representations . You will learn detailed systems how to do this , but you must do it .