Exclusive Mastermind Program

High-level mastermind for business, Real estate and result driven coaching.

Private Mastermind Coaching Program

Private coaching is one of the best ways to take your business and personal life to the next level! Robert only takes about 15 Coaching Students a year for $39,997 and has gotten great results! So many students have requested a high-level mastermind for business, real estate, and result-driven coaching.

Some Of The Topics Covered Are

This Will Be An Amazing Networking Event!

Once you get to Medellin, food, and transportation are included.

You get here, and we will take care of all the rest!

You are also able to extend your stay at your own expense.

This Is Not A Conference. This Is Not A Seminar!

This is a small group, individualized coaching/ mastermind/ networking event to take you and your business to a new level for 2020!

Prepare for amazing life experiences to take with you!

What Is Included?

Meet Goals

Preparation for attending laser focused on what you want to learn, your questions and your challenges!

3-day Mastermind

Attend 3-Day Mastermind LIVE EVENT, where you will leave with plan on how to supercharge your business and life!


For 6 months we will host a once a month Mastermind Webinar call.

Check In

Twice a month accountability check in.

What Will I Get?

What results will I get from attending the Mastermind and Coaching program?

Here Is What You Get:

Orientation Phone Call to Set Your Goals

What is it you really want to achieve? On this call, Robert will help you set and refine your goals. Then, he will look over, analyze and evaluate your whole operation and procedure to come up with the most effective game plan.

Do you want to write that book finally? Do you want to make $20,000 more dollars a month? Whatever your goal may be, Robert will help you get over your fears, help remove your blocks and make it happen!

Special 3-day Mastermind

At this mastermind, you will meet with Robert and one or two of the top residential and commercial Real estate investors!

You will stay with Robert in his home in Medellin, Colombia, or one nearby Luxury hotel.

Robert and his team of experts will develop a game plan and implementation strategy to help you make your goals a reality.

We will design a customized and detailed action plan for achievability and accountability.

In this group of very successful individuals, we will make all of Robert’s experience and resources available to help you lay down an exact step-by-step plan to achieve your goals. In addition, we will teach you about Quantum goals and how to take your business to a new level in a short period of time.

This is an amazing networking opportunity with some seriously successful heavy hitters of the industry, who are all at your disposal! Robert will open his Rolodex, and all his resources get you ready for the big league!

Together we will take your business and life to a whole new level.

Follow Up Implementation & Accountability

We know it’s hard to keep your focus after the initial “Fired up” stage. Robert and his success team will help you make it stick!

Mastermind Webinars

Robert and our top coaches will continue to give you cutting edge systems and strategies that will make your business soar to new heights.

Accountability Phone Calls

Robert’s Success Team will check in with you twice a month to make sure you stay on track!

Together we will take your business and life to a whole new level.



We guarantee results! If they follow the system, most people at least double their investment within six months to a year.

If you are not satisfied at the end of the first day.

You receive your money back.

Take your business and life to a whole new level, a No-Risk guarantee.

If you are interested, apply HERE.


No guarantee of earnings or ranges of earnings can be made. The number of purchasers who have earned through this training an amount in excess of the amount of their payment for the training is unknown due to the unique nature of real estate properties and investments.

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