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If You Ever Thought of Writing a book or Increasing your Speaking Potential to Maximize Success, Robert, and his expert consultants will hand you the tools in a box to get there NOW! If you want to enjoy Massive Popularity and earn a Kings Ransom speaking and teaching, you Must Attend This Event.

You Will Learn

Secrets Never Revealed Before And Not Taught Anywhere Else About

How to get  the most visibility and tactical edge in your market

How to maximize your Social media exposure.

What you really need to present yourself  in a stellar light  You will leave with a new Headshot, outlines for your Press  release, sales letter, Newswire and Blog

How to become the go to expert for local, regional and national Press TV,  Radio and Print Media)

How to Laser-Focus  your marketing and branding to triple your income

How to get yourself On TV, Radio and Newspaper (Secrets of a PR Director) 

How to build and increase your sales funnel

Accounting and book keeping tools you need!

How to persuade anyone to take on anyone else ethically! Robert’s proprietary resistance eliminator will skyrocket your sales and client base. (This was learned from the Central Intelligence Agency)

How to take authentic stage presence to a new level!  Open round table Master mind with expert speaking coach.

How to write a book in 21 days or less

How to get Your first or next book published and sold! (Learn the secrets of all the bestselling authors)

The 7 biggest mistakes People  make in writing books

How to set up  Maintain and maximize High end coaching earning an extra $5000 to $50,000 from your clients.

How to sell and close without selling and closing

How to revise your back end for maximum residual sales income

Shared Experiences With

You Will Leave With

A Clear Action Plan

​For how to take your speaking Business to the top level

$5.000 value

New Headshot

And Press package outline!

$2.500 value

Specific Resources

To increase your media visibility

$1.500 value

A New Level

Of authentic presentation style

$1.500 value

The Knowledge

How to Uinally get your book out there and market it for maximum success!

Learn NLP Secrets

A few top international speakers have begged Robert to share his advanced persuasion and Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques too scary to reveal to the public! In this exclusive, highly interactive, and cutting-edge seminar, Robert Shemin will share his wealth of information on how to take your speaking career to the top level!. Robert will also open his Platinum Rolodex to you, creating a new Network of opportunities! Finally, for most of you, Robert will show you how to make an extra $50,000- $200,000 next year!

Robert’s Golden Guarantee

If you don’t’ get three times your value back, we will refund you- no questions asked! This is proprietary and confidential information not available anywhere else, and you will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement. Limited to 9 Speakers!


No guarantee of earnings or ranges of earnings can be made. The number of purchasers who have earned through this training an amount above the amount of their payment for the training is unknown due to the unique nature of real estate properties and investments.